Almost Here


  1. Almost Here (Part 1)
  2. Almost Here (Part 2)
  3. Almost Here (Part 3)


Pezzner’s debut Other Lover EP garnered much praise and support from the likes of Sebo K, Agoria, Justin Martin and Peter Kruder. With this, his follow up, we’re certain he’ll soon become the revered producer he deserves to be. Pezzner has a fresh new sound of his own that we feel pushes the boundaries of electronic house in new directions and works equally well in the club or on the home system.

The Almost Here EP is something of a minor Concerto with it’s three different sections and large scale choral arrangement but bugger all that. The fact is that it sounds fresh as a daisy in all three of its incarnations and has already had Phonica saying it has the hallmarks of a big tune.

First up is Part 1, the most jacking version with the layers of vocals building on top of a deep, driving shuffled groove complete with the slickest of snare fills. Flipping over for Part 2 we’re treated to the most floor-friendly, hyped up version that strips things back and adds energized stabs for maximum floor impact. Finally, Part 3 goes on an uber deep and understated percussion heavy workout that will appeal equally to fans of Braddock, Schwarz and Switch in the good old days. A warm and enticing yet still abstract track that sounds as original and warped out as it does funky.