The Hand That Feeds You


  1. The Hand That Feeds You
  2. Right Place Right Time


"While Pezzner has never released a record on Dirtybird until now, it always felt like he was an extended part of the Dirtybird family. Also one half of the production duo Jacob London, the way he approaches music has always been outside of the box like us, and he also understands that you can still be incredibly talented without having to take yourself too seriously.

We officially welcome him to the Dirtybird family with "The Hand That Feeds You', featuring two moody and haunting singles, both of which light the room on fire with their trippy effects, subtle buildups, unique drum patterns and impeccable sound design, of which Pezzner is a master."    -  Dirtybird

"Strange noises, tropical bird chirps, and unintelligible voices wander in and out of the ethereal tones, all things tied together by one dope hand-drummed beat. It's alluring, to be sure, and it's perfect for Pezzner's first official release with Dirtybird Records."         -  Billboard Magazine