Other Lover


  1. Other Lover
  2. The Big Roll
  3. Other Lover (Nacho Marco Remix)


Introducing: PEZZNER
Bright like a guiding light showing us all how forward-looking abstract dance music should really sound. A fresh voice for tired and formulaic times. If club music means a bit more to you than either minimal or maximal then check out the chopped up microhouse meets Soundhack meets spaced out edit-disco approach of Pezzner. It could just be the stuff you've been looking for but can never find the likes of.

The Seattle based self-confessed cut and paste addict has an interesting production history with many and varied high profile releases and mixes to his credit. But we don't need to go into these now. Better to just check out the tracks with an open mind and revel in the otherworldly hypnotic craziness of Pezzner.

            - Freerange