8 Bit

  1. MESH
  2. Introductions
  3. Circles
  4. Mesh (Zepp001 Remix)


Science and over-analysis has fucked us up. The best songs, the best tracks, the best of everything creative and artistic in life can't be quantified. A beautiful piece of music or art is less a combination of instruments and discernible sounds, but cogs in a celestial machine that grind together, losing their individual qualities in favor of the whole. Is that pretentious? Fine then, here it is in simple terms: It's not about a "bouncing Rhodes" and "the 808 kick is da shit" or more inside jargon that only probes the surface. It's about things like this: How does this music make you feel? What else did you think about when you were listening? Did it make you move? Is there some thing, some time or some place in your own life, in your own experience as a person, that brings this home to you?

There's no other way, than this, to tell a good Deep House track from a bad one from a great one. And this is a great one. Pezzner's three original tracks and a remix represented on the Mesh EP from 8Bit Records are future classics made for dancefloors in the here and now.

The title track, "Mesh", has a harder bassline than anything I've heard in a Pezzner production. Presaging "Circles", it's a dizzy carrousel of voices and FX with a break at 2:50 that proves you can provoke ecstasy through electronic music without the cheesy builds and breakdowns of commercial dance music. I feel like clipping this out and locking it under glass as an example for others to follow, because this is how it's done.

Zepp01's remix of "Mesh" is exhilarating in its own right - a powersurge of stomping funk that could crossover into any conventional House set I can imagine. Rather than setting up a remix based on cred, this one's pure art. I mean, I'm playing one, then the other, and back and forth between them and it's distinctive enough to stand on its own as a completely distinctive track.

This has everything you could possibly want - more than you have any right to demand - from a four track EP.

            - Terry Matthew (5 Magazine)