Last Night In Utopia (LP)

Systematic Recordings

  1. Birdsong
  2. One Up
  3. Drop Of Fears (Featuring Amina)
  4. Prey
  5. Bell And Whistle
  6. All Night Dancing Party
  7. Step Away
  8. I Forgot
  9. Stella Polare
  10. The Background
  11. I Don't Mind
  12. Last Night In Utopia
  13. Murmur
  14. Give It Up (Featuring Sam Mollison)
  15. Uscita


It’s impossible to trivialize the impact of The Tracks Are Alive, Dave Pezzner’s 2010 album on Freerange Records. A key catalyst in pushing Deep House back to the top of the underground music scene, Tracks also turned Dave into dance music’s latest “overnight sensation”.

For those reasons alone, Pezzner’s follow up album – Last Night in Utopia – is going to have people talking. I had a chance to listen to the album, set to drop November 8 from Systematic Recordings. By the fourth track, I was certain I was hearing the album of the year. It’s astonishing.

At a time when everything good is a throwback, Pezzner’s exquisite sense of sound design brought me back, alright – back to the era when I first heard House Music and had no idea what an 808 or a 303 was, when every click & bang seemed to come from some celestial organ rather than a piece of machinery or a plug-in. A horn sample, perhaps from a disco record, becomes a low, guttural growl, distorted until unrecognizable. Breaks appear in the most unusual places. The simplest tracks, like “Bell & Whistle”, somehow become the most complex.

              - 5 Magazine Chicago