Pezzner & Amina - Exit

Crosstown Rebels

  1. Exit (Original Mix)
  2. Pipes
  3. Exit (Scuba Mix)


Up next on the decade strong Crosstown Rebels is class live act Pezzner who joins forces on ‘Exit’ with vocalist and co-producer Amina. ‘Exit’ is a charged edgy slice of disco-darkness, where the power of raw electronic stabs meets the sultry tones of Amina’s incredible Bjorkesque vocals. ‘Pipes’ is a more organic atmospheric affair of a hypnotic groove; mellow dubby textures flow into fluid, analogue melodies. Continuing Crosstown’s innovative remixers, up steps Hotflush boss and dubstep pioneer turned master of versatility, Scuba. Delivering his take on ‘Exit’ with elastic bass and an expanding soundbed of jarring chords and alternating synth lines, the result is a suspense filled and stupendous sonic ride of house-hedonism.

Video Produced by David Terranova


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