Barcelona Gets Physical (Curated and Mixed by Pezzner)

Released by: 
Get Physical Recordings

  1. Catz n Dogz - Nobody Cares
  2. Mat Anderson - Warmth
  3. Alejandro Mosso - Cornisa
  4. MF Hercules - Raindance (Till Von Sein & Tigerskin Remix)
  5. Pezzner - Love Train
  6. Discrete - Mind & Body
  7. Doza - Ixchel
  8. Spettro - Vision Board
  9. Berkson & What - The Whip
  10. Rills - Somewhere in Turin
  11. Emil Berliner - Lovin' You
  12. Pezzner & Kid Hops - Scissor in Law
  13. Iroi Wasaka - Organic Poet
  14. René van Munster - Grabber's Theme


With summer in full swing and Sonar just around the corner, and with it perhaps one of the most influential parts of Sonar, the many OFF Sonar events. So it’s time for Get Physical to pack their suitcases and suit up for another amazing weekend in Barcelona. This year they’ve got a special compilation prepared by Dave Pezzner himself. With 14 tracks and a fantastic DJ mix accompanying the compilation is set to be the perfect beachside companion. A couple of highlights include Catz N’ Dogz’s funky number, ‘Nobody Cares’, or Iori Wakasas super smooth burner ‘Organic Poet’. Dave Pezzner made room for a couple of his own works on the compilation as well, ‘Love Train’ and ‘Scissor In Law’. Both tracks fit in super well with the theme of the compilation, keeping a steady flow of energy while never banging unnecessarily hard. Tracks like ‘Grabbster's Theme’ by René van Munster ensure relaxation while Spettro’s ‘Vision Board’ keeps the groove strong.